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Independent Reviews

Independent Reviews play a vital part within the UK water business, and serve a variety of purposes that can include a validation of the approach to a full independent assessment for a Regulator.

We can undertake independent reviews in many areas of the water company business, including water/wastewater planning, supply-demand management, leakage economics, environmental and social impacts, risk and asset management:

  • Provide an independent view of the suitability of approach and compare with accepted best practice
  • Data validation
  • Confirmation that the stated methodology has been applied
  • Recommend improvements to methodology and/or processes within company
  • Benchmarking 

 Our clients include the data provider (to confirm the methodology has been interpreted correctly) the company Board (for assurance that the methodology has been applied) or Regulators.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.

Simon has undertaken independent assurance for over twelve years


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Regulatory Reporting

Within the UK the water companies need to provide assurance statements when reporting to their regulators, we have provided assurance services for over ten years covering the following key areas:

  • Annual reporting to Ofwat 
  • Business Plans
  • Competition referals

Internal Reviews

We have undertaken a range of internal company reviews of their processes or metohodogies. We can benchmark both the methdodology and the results of any analysis. 

Typical studies have incldued:

  • Investigation of processes and trend in Distribution Input and Volume Abstracted
  • Review of Sustainable Economic Level of Leakage Assessment  for a non-UK utility