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Leakage Economics

Simon has worked within leakage economics for more than 20 years and is a recognised specialist within this field. This has included undertaking Economic Level of Leakage studies for UK and overseas water companies, developing best practice guidelines for Regulators and undertaking independent reviews of company approaches.

Simon has also developed guidelines for the incorporation of external costs (such as environmental and social costs and benefits) within the leakage analysis.

Working with WRc, Simon has developed a UKWIR framework that incorporates an assessment of supply pipe leakage into the Sustainable Economic Leakage.

Simon has also undertaken independent reviews of water company approaches, including leakage estimation, leakage management and leakage target setting. He can also provide bespoke training courses on leakage and/or leakage economics.

Please get in contact to discuss you needs, whether this be a simply independent review of your current approaches or if you are looking to update and develop a new approach.


Simon has worked throughout the UK and overseas developing appropriate assessments of leakage targets


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Sustainable Economic Level of Leakage

  • Irish Water 
  • South Staffordshire Water 
  • Southern Water 
  • Cambridge Water 
  • Portsmouth Water 
  • Folkestone & Dover Water 
  • Isle of Man )
  • Severn Trent Water 
  • South East Water 
  • Three Valleys Water 
  • Tendring Hundred Water
  • EPAL (Portugal) 


Other studies include:

  • Supporting a number of UK Water Companies in the preparation of their Business Plans and Water Resources Management Plans including KPIs and ODIs.
  • Review of Sustainable Economic Level of Leakage Calculations by UK Water companies for the Regulators (Environment Agency, Ofwat and DEFRA) 
  • Independent Review of a water company‚Äôs progress against their leakage target
  • Training courses on leakage and leakage economics for water companies and regulator